Unable to connect to my servers

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I can't access 4 outta 5 of my servers. The 1 i can access hasn't even been retrofitted yet (probably why i can access it). I deleted my saved data and redownloaded it from the cloud to no avail. I checked to see if a rollback was an option, however it shows the same day in all 5 slots. Which makes me think it loaded but immediately disconnected me from the server.

I checked Browse and only Klei public servers show, no friends servers or any other servers of any kind. 

I was able to join a public server.

I run a wired connection 

Klei ID: KU_-01mDrJ_

Edit removed my IP as i don't want to leave that out there. 

Steps to Reproduce
I was building a wall to fight Dragonfly when i got disconnected. One long wall with 2 signs placed about a third of the way in. I was basically finished and just had to put a couple blocks up around the signs to prevent the larvae from getting through when the disconnect happened.

Status: Closed

This issue has been closed either because it is not a bug or does not belong in the bug tracker.

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This problem seems to have resolved itself (atleast for the moment). Just had to wait a day, maybe there was PSN maintenance that caused it, i don't know.

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