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Hello. I am on dont starve together for ps4. I have an issue that i cannot get online. I am stuck offline. I tried logging out and then clicking start but it still have me as offline. Ive shut down and restart my ps4, no luck.I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it still does not allow me online. I am really bothered and upset about this because i only bought this game to be used online. Do anyone know how i can get this to work?


To note*  i have a working playstation plus subscription and am able to play all my other ps4 games online with no issues.

Steps to Reproduce
It happens when i try to play the game.

User Feedback

You probably accidentally declined the EULA.; you have to accept it to play online. From the main menu go to Options->More->Review the EULA. Once you accept you'll be able to play in online mode.

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