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Split screen unusual lag (performance)

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Playing split screen recently has become extremely laggy. It is not the type of glitchy lag where the characters skip or rubberband back, it is like the system resources are strained. Instead of rubber banding, the characters still move accordingly but the game runs as if the characters were on the moon floating around like Neil Armstrong. If you could imagine having 1000 tabs open in your browser on a PC with Windows 98 and 32mb of RAM and trying to play a round of Ski free, its a lot like that. I have experienced this to some degree in worlds that are at very advanced days with lots of things built, but now it is happening on public servers by day 20. 

The lag will completely go away for one character, if the other goes into the caves (only during the loading screen), or opening skin presents will cure the lag as long as the skin reward interface is not closed. I believe that opening the crafting menu also will eliminate the lag (but I am not sure about this, I would have to check again).

It just seems like there is something that has changed recently that is draining the PlayStation resources. I can not pinpoint exactly when this has changed as I haven't played split-screen frequently. It might have been during the QOL update with the new crafting menu, but it was definitely happening before the WX-78 rework. 

I remembered reading that an update is coming for the PS4 that will address performance issues, so maybe this is already known. 

Steps to Reproduce

Play DST split screen on the PS4 for about an hour, or be in a world where some structures are already built. 

User Feedback

Update- Just tried playing tonight and using the crafting menu does not reduce lag.

I found out that sleeping on a fur roll will eliminate the lag, I did not try it with a tent, but I imagine that it would have the same effect. 

I don't know how to describe it, but it feels like some sort of memory leak that has to do with the character animations. Each time that the character is in a fixed position (sleeping, examining skin gift, loading in the caves), the lag completely goes away for the other person. 

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Just found out that using the Mighty Gym as Wolfgang will eliminate the performance lag as well. 

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Found another instance that fixes the lag issue- When one player is frozen (ice hound attack, or by the Klaus' ice deer), the lag will temporarily stop for as long as the player is frozen. 

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