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Rollback Bugs

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These bugs revolve around the in-game rollback (from the R3 menu rather than title screen menu)


Rolling back takes longer than the five seconds to initialize if you are in caves, seems like double the time (in fact it is impossible to rollback to the previous day because it doesn't rollback soon enough, instead just returning to the beginning of the current day)

While in the rollback loading screen:

If you are alive, you can cycle your inventory slots with right analog with audio feedback.

If you are dead, and your ghost recently inspected something, the inspect ghost sound will cycle.

If you are currently taking damage from hunger etc the controller will continue to vibrate through most of the loading screen.

Steps to Reproduce
In game rollback

User Feedback

It happened a few times in the past but now three times in one day: trying to rollback takes to main screen, disables sound, and gives the message "something went awry while connecting"

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Bump since this is still "pending" but easily reproducible. I couldn't delete the last post, but I think it had to do with the sinkhole glitches introduced and then later fixed in different patches. Original posted bug still in game. Other sounds loop as well such as moleworms. The more major issue is the caves taking double the time to rollback meaning no ability to rollback twice.

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