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[PS4]Connecting issue...

Kevin Tamayo
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I've just bought this game for the purpose of playing it together with my wife(this is our first game of the series).

Hosting a split screen game in offline mode, waiting for the world to load for X minutes while look at this prompting message: "Connecting..."

When playing solo offline, the game loads immediately without a problem.


  1. I created a world first in single player. Played it until my character dies.
  2. Both accounts we're logged-in into PSN(both accounts doesn't have PS+ subscription).
  3. Accounts have different region one for R1 and one for R3.
  4. I use the R1 account to buy the game.
  5. I've already activated the PS4 as the primary.

Steps to Reproduce
Two accounts: R1 and R3 both have logged-in(I don't know if this is relevant because we're in split screen and selected the offline mode) into PSN(but doesn't have PS+ subscription) Both selected to play in offline mode. Select the world that I created and press the "option" button to launch the server Been waiting for X amount of minutes but the prompt still says: Connecting...

User Feedback

We will need more information in order to investigate this further. You had mentioned that "Accounts have different region one for R1 and one for R3" - Did you mean on the same PS4 console, one PSN account is Region 1 and the other is Region 3?

Also, could you confirm something for us please? Can the Region 3 PSN account play the game on their account; by setting up their own offline game in solo mode?

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1. Yes same console, as I've said earlier, we tried to play it in split-screen.

2. Yes, the R3 account can play the game in solo mode.

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We are looking into this report - thank you for clarifying this for us. In the meantime, can we get you to create a new PSN account (Region 1) and try to play splitscreen with both PSN accounts being set in the same region. Do you encounter the same issue?

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