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[PS4 Pro] [4K] Background smudged / blurred when moving.

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*UPDATE* - managed to fix the issue on my own, please see comments.



So I have just upgraded my console from PS4 to PS4 Pro (no regrets) and I spotted a difference / problem when playing DST (and DS, while we are at it). Whenever the camera moves, it seems that the background texture blurs / is smudged in correlation with speed and direction of the movement. It's hard to describe when not seen live, but please take a look at this comparison:




When moving:



Since a video might make this more visible, I have attached a recording file to this post. The smudging is so significant that it causes a serious discomfort when viewing. It almost looks like a poor screen refresh rate, except it isn't.


At this point I've identifided that this graphical glitching is exclusive to playing in 2160p on a 4k display. What I tested so far:

- Multiple different games played on same console / TV settings - no similar effect spotted.

- When forced to 1080p mode from PS4 Pro screen options, the blurring effect stops, everything works as it used to on regulard PS4.

- Checked against all the other PS4 Pro screen / system settings like boost modes etc -  none seem to affect this.

- Checked against all the TV screen options like motion compensation, refresh rate -  none seem to affect this.

- Checked a few different HDMI cables and port configuration - no effect.

- Surprisingly, blurring doesn't occure (or is less noticable) when running on savanna biome.


Running newest versions of console OS, TV OS and DST game.


Steps to Reproduce
Connect a PS4 Pro to 4K display, launch DST, run around with your character, observe the background (especially visible on grassland and marsh biomes).

User Feedback


I ultimately managed to fix this on my own. It turned out to be an issue with the RGB range of the console vs that of my TV. Took a painful lot of googling this issue and browsing through different TV settings, but everything works great now.

Long story short, this wasn't an issue with DST so please feel free to either delete this topic or keep it here for other's sake.

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Great work figuring that out. If you have the time could you describe a bit more of what you did or where you found the settings to tweak? I'd like to have it added to our support section to save others pain in the future.

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