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Picking up or dropping items on the move is inconsistent since patch 2.83

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It used to be that harvesting items from resources like grass tufts and berry bushes wouldn't always result in a pick up, it would play the animation but nothing would be harvested, but since the patch, there's no change.

It's now spread to picking up or dropping loose items  - an elongated animation of attempting that action plays out, with no result, needing you to repeat the action.

I think it's something to do with these changes

  • Fixed some cases where action controls could lock up unless you moved your character.
  • Removed a frame delay when initiating or repeating actions while you are already close enough to your target.
  • Fixed some cases where action controls could be dropped if they were pressed at the same time as releasing movement controls.


Steps to Reproduce

It's an intermittent bug, you just need to play an old world for a couple of days, with lag prediction on. Maybe having lots of loose items in the world has something to do with it too.

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