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Pantomime opulent skins not showing

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I have 2 opulent tools with the pantomime skin think it’s pickaxe and shovel, but I cannot make them in game, the skins are not there. 

Steps to Reproduce

Get pantomimed skins from playing, 

Never able to use them. 

User Feedback

Do you mean that you don't have the option to craft the pantomime opulent pickaxe? I just tested and it does seem to be in the game.


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It doesn’t show for me, but yes that’s the one, I was excited to use it haha. I received it as a reward? But can’t craft it.



I looked into my curio cabinet and I guess the opulent pickaxe got relocked for me. So I guess I don’t have it anymore or something. (got it for 45 spools this time instead of a reward.) and it works now. 
The shovel was my mistake as it’s the normal shovel skin and I was looking at the regal. 

so I guess my question is more: why was it taken away after I received it? 

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Logged In and checked some more.

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