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No penguins, no treeguards

  • Known Issue

I've noticed after 200 days or so penguins stopped spawning during winter. Im now over 800 days and have not seen any penguins or any signs of them. 

Also have not had any treeguards spawn in the last 100 days or so. I can cut trees down for days and not have to worry about them spawning 

Seems the older the world gets...the more that breaks. I should note this particular world was created when dst was first released on PS4

Steps to Reproduce
I do not have any steps to re-create this.

User Feedback

Pengulls not spawning as days progress is a known issue, also on PC... I've seen the patch notes for the PC where the current Beta testing is addressing this issue as well as glacier puddles that'll will dry up. These will all make their way to us in due course.

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