My friends cannot enter the caves. just me

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What happens. that when entering the caves my friends take them out of the server. I really don't know what happens and I wouldn't like to stop playing it because of that problem I have with the caves

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Normally playing this problem I have it every time I create a server does not let in the caves

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Just happened to me recently. It happened randomly to me a lot, this issue and the sudden server not responding after it kicks people and none can join. I suspected it was a NAT type disconnection, however last time it happened with my friend he was joining my caves just fine until suddnly it keeps kicking him out and we had to stop playing. Would love to know how to fix plz. Possible solutions we tried:

1- Restarting server

2-Playing with and without splitscreen

3-Disabling and reactivating dynamic content

4-Closing and starting both games again

5-Closing and restarting  internet and double checking NAT compatibility.

6-Going inside the cave and then having him join the game and try to enter caves.

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