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Multiple Bugs

Dunk Mujunk
  • Pending

Playing a 2 player offline world

At day 106, only 1 spider nest has made it to 3 stacks, and that happened very early in the map.

Bearger spawn did not work properly. After rolling back 1 day 4 times, with each attempt producing between 2 and 4 warning roars, and only 2 attempts producing the "attacker incoming" message, we rolled back 2 days and got him to spawn finally.

Spawning nightmare creatures is, well, a nightmare. Stood around all night (actually traveled back and forth over the space of about 3 screens) below the sanity threshold waiting for a spawn, and it wasnt until losing all sanity that multiples rushed in. Other less dedicated attempts produced no nightmare creatures before we gave up.

Apparently melee attempts are a dice roll now. Hit detection is maybe %50, with a plain old tentacle spike.

Traps are barely working on spiders, maybe %50 there also.

Not sure how much it matters, we are playing offline but my download is 150+MB and upload is around 10MB.

Been playing heavily for around 2 years, and after coming back after a couple month break everything seems super sketchy. Hoping its due to the new updates and this will all be fixed.

Steps to Reproduce
Only thing we did other than just play is set both forest and cave to Big, hound waves to less and depth worm waves to none in the custom map settings.
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