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Missing textures, skins, and crashes (PS4 on PS5)

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Multiple skins either disappear or don't generate. Occurs with giant vegetables sometimes. Only one page of Beefalo custom works. Cleared cache. Reinstalled program. Moved it to internal storage. Rebuilt database. Repeated these steps multiple times. 

Game continues to crash every disconnect and sometimes seemingly randomly once things stop loading correctly. This failure to load has been becoming more frequent the past two weeks, and the crashes just started. 

Steps to Reproduce

Start game with multiple skins and play normally until items become invisible. Check beefalo station customization options. Play PS4 version on PS5 in split screen. 

User Feedback

Are you sure that all of these issues are still happening? I had experienced a lot of skin glitches (see Wanda in the pic below) prior to the Year of Catcoon update. Especially the giant vegetables disappearing. The issues involving the skins missing seems to have been fixed. I also play split screen often as well. 

As far as the crashes go, I have not experienced any recently so I am not sure what the issue is with that. 


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My wife recently used the lunar portal to change to Wormwood. It seems like I can load our current world alone as Wanda just fine. Adding Wormwood breaks it including making beefalo skins invisible or nonexistent

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I play spit screen on the ps5 and I also have some skins missing in addition to the game crashing more frequently recently. it seems random so I don't know the cause.


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