Meat Effigy Crashes The Game (Ps4)

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I went though a bit of chaos defeating Deerclops, respawning from a life giving amulet only two days before (idk if that's important but kept it anyway!) This is a relatively new save (day 33) and I have NOT gone into the caves.

The battle ended and i died to a crawling horror. I tried to respawn from my Meat Effigy at my spawn base, and it seemed fine. The game did the full animation but just before the camera pulled away, my playstation gave me the dreaded Blue Screen.

I know not many people use the meat effigy so i wanted to report it!

Steps to Reproduce

1.  Play DST on Ps4

2. Create a meat effigy (i was using wilson)

3. Perish!

4. Press Square to respawn from effigy

5. Go through animation of respawning

6. Ps4 Bluescreen

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User Feedback

Did you submit the crash to sony? Have you tried doing something similar again?

I've tried this a couple times with wilson without any crash, so there's probably something else at play.



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