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Marble satue pieces being removed form the world

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Hi i restlessly put together the marble satue pieces but i meteor hit the Rock statue and it glitch it out causing the rook marble piece to despawn now i can't fight the full set of the boss to get the heart, i really don't want to just make a new world because i have had this world since DST first came out on ps4. Please can someone help me this world and game is the only thing i enjoy doing after a long day



I have looked all over the Internet and there is no way for me to get the last piece everyone just says to start a new world but i want be able to replace many of the things within my old world such as the last thing my brother built before he passed so i am begging, please can some admin help me.

Screenshot_20210314-143633_PS App.jpg

Steps to Reproduce

1) place the marble piece onto the satue 

2) wait for a metor to hit it 

3) broken ID

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If anyone is able to help me it would mean so much to me by the way i am sorry for the spelling/grammar i am Dyslexia so its really hard for me.

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Following this to see if any solution comes up! The same thing happened to me i repaired the knight statue a meteor hit it and the suspicious marble disappeared and the statue reset. I ended up having to start a new world.

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Uh that sucks :( I doubt you can find a solution to it on console sadly.

You can get the little corresponding figurines from tumbleweeds, but i believe that only happens after you get the sketch. As a solution to this meteors should not despawn them firstly, and then if the game detects there is a missing piece in your world the host should be able to get it via tumbleweeds.

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