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Hosted worlds keep crashing

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My hosted worlds keep crashing periodically. My PS4 itself does not crash, but the worlds I host lose connection and I get kicked out to the title screen. I can load back into the world, but it then happens again in the next 30 mins or so. I do not have this problem when playing other online games, I don't lose connection or crash out. From the start I assumeed it could have been my wifi signal so I eneded up getting faster internet & the problem still persists. I later thought it was a memory issue since I was nearing my console's storage limit. I bought a new storage drive & cleared enough space to have no problems with DST, but my created worlds still continue to crash. I've uninstalled and installed the game twice but there has been no solution. Whenever I am on a friends server or in a public server I don't crash back to the title screen or have this problem.

I hope y'all can help me.

Steps to Reproduce

Create new world.

User Feedback

What does the message say when you get kicked? Does it say "Lost connection to server?". Does it give an error every time or does it sometimes just kick you?

I had experienced something similar to this, it ended up being my connection. I upgraded to Cox Gigablast which helped matters... slightly.  Despite Cox Gigablast being 1GB download, the upload speeds were weaker. I now use Google Fiber and everything is smooth as butter. I think the real issue I was having was a weak wifi router. It seemed like I was getting mad bursts of packet loss, which for some reason affects DST more than others. Other games I play like Battlefield 5 were not as adversely affected but there would be times where I randomly start skip lagging and eventually everything caught back up and returned to normal. 

What are the speeds of your internet connection now? What kind of router/modem are you using? How far is the PS4 from the Wifi point? Can you go to the PS4 Settings, click network connection, and test the internet connection speeds and see what they say? 

I really feel like this is a network/connection issue. Not necessarily internet speeds, but if something is causing a temporary disturbance in your wifi connection which in my experience DST does not take kindly to. You could try and troubleshoot this by hardwire connecting your PS4 instead of using Wifi. If the problem persists, then at least we have ruled this out. 

Edit- I forgot to mention, I was having this problem when I was hosting worlds also. Even just my own world split screen with no additional players. I think maybe the upload/download demands are more strenuous when hosting a world. 

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