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Getting major disconnects when launching server/porting wormholes or leaving caves, it works for a few seconds before booting me out of the server

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It happens when I'm about to start my game or when I port to a wormhole/leave caves, it freezes for a few seconds and then it boots me off the game. I get a server error message that I got disconnected and have to reconnect again, I reconnect only to get boot out the server again and again, this happens for 3-4x before it stops

Steps to Reproduce
restarting server/game

User Feedback

Update: I'm also getting kicked out of the game when I rollback, I have a friend who said rolling back causes him laggy and got him kicked out when he rolls back.

I rolled back a few 2-3x this week due to beefalo death, etc.... it kicked me out of the game when I rollback.

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