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Game crashes loading caves

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If I try to play someones world and enter in a cave, the games crashes during the loading page. It says the server is not responding and I am disconnected from it. I am able to rejoin the same server, but doesn't matter how many times I try to enter in a cave, it will crash.

If I am the host or if I play in a Klei official server, I am able to explore caves normally.

I've asked in different servers I play and all the players can load caves, except me. Usually I pick the best connection servers, so I don't believe is an internet issue. Even Klei official servers sometimes presents poorer connection than some players, but I still can play caves if Klei hosts.

Steps to Reproduce

1. join a online server (except Klei ones)

2.enter the caves at anytime

3.the game crashes during loading page and shows the message "The server is not responding. Please try again."


User Feedback

This isn't a crash, it's taking your PS4 too long to connect to your friend's caves. This issue is usually internet related and can depend on the kind of connection both you and they are using, ISPs, etc. 

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