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Failed to start dedicated server

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I've been playing on a server for a while with my friends and I may have broken it.

We wanted to change it to not have Depth Worm attacks (despite being 300 days in) so I followed a few guides on how to disable them and it didn't seem to work. Then I tried again and it didn't work. Then I tried again and it seems that I may have broken the server. The steps I took to change it are as follows.

Changing saveindex under client_save. Found my world, changed the values of "wormattacks" to none

changed leveldataoverride under cluster_4 (the correct slot) "wormattacks" to none

Changing cluster_4/caves/... saveindex "wormattacks" to none. 

These didn't seem to work. Worms still came. They slaughtered us all again.


So I tried console commands next. I followed this guide among other guides to do it. Except I tuned it for Caves and Wormattacks. I tried

TheWorld.topology.overrides.wormattacks = "none"


TheCaves.topology.overrides.wormattacks = "none"


and I think that is it for console commands from what I can remember. I remember trying them last night and then restarting the server and it wouldn't start back up. I tried replacing the cluster_4 with a back up and that didn't fix it either. Not sure what I did. I would really like my world back at the bare minimum. Getting rid of worm attacks would help too.

Here is my server_log.txt from Don'tStarveWhatever/Cluster_4/Caves 

Also I'm going to attach my leveldataoverride. 



If any additional files are necessary I would be happy to provide. I've seen some great response from the community and the developers along on these forums and thought it would be the best place to fix this. Any help saving my world and getting back and/or getting rid of wormattacks (I guess that requires getting my world back first) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all!


Steps to Reproduce
Run the following in console TheCaves.topology.overrides.wormattacks = "none" TheWorld.topology.overrides.wormattacks = "none" And change the saveindex under client_save, saveindex under cluster_4/caves/save, and leveldataoverride under cluster_4/caves
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