Failed to connect infinite loading screen

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So I tried to connect to a game and that error message popped up. After that it just loaded infinitely. I also don’t think you see that classic generating world screen on PS4 usually.75242715-DBB7-4D38-8676-45AEF8A7B92F.thumb.jpeg.d2b91a8f53fc15c2e568ec2b1b6bfcc7.jpeg198B736B-DEDD-4A66-8FF0-30AAC0C14524.thumb.jpeg.e9495038e3205aaab428761ff6e5057b.jpegC22689E5-E880-4350-AF65-EE6796DDBE2A.thumb.jpeg.645c2d441dac7499622c27a87a3cb479.jpeg

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Try to connect a game?

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