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Entering Caves glitches server

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Hi, I’m on PlayStation with friends and upon entering a cave I was kicked and hit with a “server not responding” screen. I have closed the app, deleted and redownloaded the game, and even had the host close and start over. Every time I try to enter back into the game it simply states “server not responding” while all my other friends log into the game fine. How can I fix this?

Steps to Reproduce

Enter cave

get kicked without loading into cave

never be able to load back into game at all even with rollback

User Feedback

Only server 4 was crashing when entering the caves. Server 1 was working with caves but now server 4 is the only one with caves, which keeps crashing. None of the other servers have caves left sad. But still love Klei and DST

Oh my bad I thought you were talking about the official servers sorry 

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