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Dragonfly Won't Spawn PS4

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Set bosses to off, turned on dragonfly later, he won't spawn in. No idea why. Waited about 40 days cycles through from spring to winter, no Fly. Seasons on short, all other bosses except for klaus set to off

Steps to Reproduce

Start world, only day, only spring, dragonfly set to none. After a few days log out, set dragonfly to either default or more (did both) and he will not Spawn in

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User Feedback

So after playing some more I turned Crab King on, Astral detector doesn't point anywhere so I can only assume he isn't spawning either (dug out the celestial sanctum(?) pieces and socketed them already.) I can get some seasonal bosses to Spawn, as well as klaus via event, but no dragon fly or crab king. Fuelweaver works but no fly/king

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