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Dont starve together

ryan whittle
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Hello I play don't starve together and the game just crashed out an delete my world's and all my stuff. It happen to my buddy last week to his account. If u could roll my account  back a day that would be awesome. Plz let me know I was on day 700. it was on ps4

Steps to Reproduce
i was about to load my world an it went black secen then it relaod an it all was gone. my acount is mizfits2k9

User Feedback

Hi Ryan, unfortunately all game files are saved locally on your PS4's hard drive. If you have PlayStation Plus, your system may have made a backup of your save files on your PS+ Cloud account. Regrettably, we do not have the ability to save files from our end as they are all local to the PS4. 

That being said, the character skins, and other customization items that you have unlocked will be there as they are stored on our item servers. 

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