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Hello good afternoon! I play on ps4 with a very good cable connection, every time I play in my world I have a huge delay to be able to see and move my character, which causes me to end up dying to some enemy or situation. When the screen is loading I can hear the sound of the environment around me but I can't see anything but the loading screen and I can't even move my character. The same happens in Caves, and when reversing the map. This is disturbing me a lot, because I end up dying a lot. This is too often!


 (Note: even on a loading screen I lose sanity, hunger, time passes and I am affected by weather conditions and enemies)

Steps to Reproduce

1- I host the world

2- the is loading the world

3- when I enter I see that time has passed and my hunger and sanity have gone down as well

3.1- or if there is any danger nearby, I die without even seeing it

User Feedback

We are looking into why time seems to be passing even before you get into the game, or when moving to/from the caves

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