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Crash Loading Caves in a Friend's Game

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Anytime I am in a friends game and i go to enter caves, the game enters an infinite load screen and crashes. Afterward if i try to reopen the game it says it failed so I can no longer join again. This only happens when I am online in a friends game, hosting splitscreen on his console fixes the issue but prevents us from having more than two people on our team.

Steps to Reproduce

Play on a friends hosted server and enter a cave system. The game should enter an infinite loading screen and then crash. If you try to rejoin the game it will fail and you will no longer be able to play that game again. Not sure if rolling back the server to before you entered the cave fixes it or not. From what I have seen this has been an issue for a while and it would be great to have it fixed. 

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User Feedback

Does you friend play with anyone else, or only with you? If there are others, can they enter the caves without crashing?

Have you submitted the crash reports for this to Sony? Did you include a comment that we could use to find your particular report? If you haven't submitted a crash, could you try again and include a comment with your forum name in it so the we can find it easily?

If your friend rolls the world back right after you first experience the crash then you should be back on the surface again and able to continue playing.

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Yes, I have a similar issue! With me only happens in someone's world, if I host the game or if Klei hosts it runs normally.

I've reported my bug with picture in the link below.



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