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Corrupt data/ world won't load

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Im on the ps5 I had most of the settings as default except all the season lengths are at very long and day cycle is only day. I heading to my pig farm and noticed a lure plant growing where my rabbitmen farm was being built I was called in real life so I put my controller down, came back to me dying by the lure plant and some of my stuff was ate so I decided to use rollback feature since I was alive at the start of the day. Suddenly game crashed and whenever I log in it would continue to crash. Since I've had this problem before my usual approach is to load up a previous save, usually a day prior to when the crash starts and it would be fixed but I tried that and it still won't let me play on the world. I am not sure if this will help but prior to that happening I just spent a couple hours rounding up all the grass geckos into 1 spot near my house and didn't pick up all the grass yet maybe that has something to do with the crashing?

Steps to Reproduce

I had the walking cane, some misc items on me. Die by a lure plant, rollback to the start of the day. Then after it crashes load the day prior and it will still continue to crash.


User Feedback

Can you attach your savedata to this issue so I can take a look?

Steps to get the savedata off your PS5 are here:


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