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Continuous crashing. Poor support.

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I have been playing DST for close to a year now, splitscreen on ps4 and it has been honestly super buggy since day one. The server lag is ridiculously insane for no reason other than you guys don't care about us, but that's not the point. 

Since the release of the gorge I have been unable to play my original game saves without the game crashing, either at start up, in random intervals or specifically when I go underground. I really fail to see how this update has made the game unplayable on a console with far more than enough reqs for a game like this, but please. Fix this. I can literally no longer play the ACTUAL game. I love the game, but your support to consoles is going to be what makes me stop playing and tell anyone else I know to never play/buy a klei game... 

Last point, you guys literally stated you know the boat Cannon is glitched, but you don't care to fix it... C'mon. We just cash cows to ya guys?

Steps to Reproduce
Log into game on a PS4.
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