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I didn't find any "Introduce yourself" post, so this is my first post.

Unfortunately is about a game issue, even tho i love this game. I do own Pc, Ps4 and pocket edition.


I'm recently encountering an issue, when trying to join (or get my friend to join) a server.

I have this issue with just 1 particular friend. We can both join a server that is not owned by us, but we can't join each others servers.

Could you tell me if there's a way to solve this?


Thank you so Much,


Steps to Reproduce
Triying to Join a server, or trying to get a friend to join me.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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i’m having same issue that’s due to poor connection. Yes poor connection is the main reason for that, i used to connect through home WiFi and there was no problem at all cuz the internet connection was 10mb so was clearly fast enough with this game. 

And later on i had to play with my phone hot spot and started to have issues with connection like for example when i try to join a friend will say the the server not responding and after a few tries will let me join but as soon as the connection gets really slow like 16kb would cause me to disconnect from server! Tried to host game and invite a friend to my world was pretty fine with me no lag nothing was going wrong, but for my friend was super laggy and can’t move sometimes because of my poor connection. So i would say that the problem you experiencing is due to weather you or your friend connection to the internet :))

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