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Cold thermal Stone visual bug. White when fully frozen and yellow when half frozen.

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Cold thermal stones don't display the correct color since the Troubled Waters update. When placed in a fridge or by an endothermic fire for a long time they appear white instead of the frozen blue look. And sometimes when only half frozen (light blue color normally) they appear yellow as if they are warm instead of light blue.
Edit: This happens in every season except spring.



Steps to Reproduce

Not sure how to reproduce but this use to happen in 2019 as well and now it's happening again after the latest update.

User Feedback

Here they are turning yellow instead of light blue while in the half frozen state. I set them on the ground away from any heat/cold source for 1-2min to cause them to turn from white to yellow, then placed them back near the endothermic fire to see if it would fix the visual bug.



And here they are being placed back into the fridge yellow, and turning white again. Take notice that none of them lost any durability, so you know that i didn't warm them up at any point.



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