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Character has mind of it's own :/

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Hello, I am currently playing Wendy, and many times when I enter a cave she runs a few steps around it on her own. Other times I am clearly guiding her to the right and she makes a circle to the left or even figure 8-like pattern. I literally have removed my thumb from the analog stick and she kept going for about two to three seconds and in odd directions. 

I have no idea how to reproduce this as it happens sporadically and seems to not follow any pattern (except when entering caves...it happens quite often there). 

I play The Don't Starve Together Console Version for PS4

I'm sorry, I do not have log files...I'm not sure how to even create one.

Thank you!

Steps to Reproduce
Enter a cave and try to run in a specific direction? I do not know what causes it other times.

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