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Bought a bolt chest on Monday and still haven’t gotten it

Fridge Ghost
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I bought a $10 Bolt Chest on Monday night and still haven’t received it, I checked my account transactions and it says I didn’t purchase the chest but when I check the transactions on the card it says $10 PlayStation transaction 

edit: I still haven’t gotten it and I put in a support ticket 90031 Monday night and replied to it and haven’t gotten any emails or anything I just need the money back or the bolt chest because the money is still taken but no chest 

edit: I haven’t received anything about this issue, no emails no comments on the post even when I put the support ticket in the post  I’m done trying on this issue and I’m guessing the devs are too 

Steps to Reproduce

I have no idea. I saw another person on reddit with the same issue but they got theirs after three days 

User Feedback

Hey there sorry to hear about this. Please check your email - we had responded to your support ticket regarding this reported issue.

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