Boat disappearing when far away

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When you have a boat and you make it so that it is in the far top right (or left) of your screen it will go invisible. This happens in the caves too to numerous objects. The stuff build on the boat will still remain visible and will look like it’s floating on water.DA894282-D85E-4C95-B615-1777B8165AD6.thumb.jpeg.90f3a4f11bceba712ebb98c0acf6ef8f.jpeg0E7988FD-E6B2-44F7-B531-BDC484AF8E24.thumb.jpeg.61ada5a2c03fa6174edf835e6b6a3238.jpeg

Steps to Reproduce
Make a boat (build stuff on it maybe?) and get it into the far right of your screen .

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