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Antlion creates sinkholes way too frequently

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I tried killing Antlion in early summer just like the years before, but unfortunately I died (outside of the sandcastle circle, not sure if that matters) due to heavy lag because there were more than 2 players on the server this time... after I revived myself via life giving amulet I decided to bail and just leave it be this summer. 

Since then antlion has been creating sinkholes every single day at the exact same time (~5-6 minutes into the day) for the rest of the season. He also only targeted me (the host) and neither of the other 2 players on the server with his attacks.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Freeze antlion with a cold thermal stone to engage fight

2. Die (in game)

3. Revive and bail

4. Wait for sinkholes

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