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Yellow alert for clothing, persists after load

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If a clothing is assigned to a dupe and in "yellow alert" priority...
327247041_yellowalerttowear.thumb.PNG.3fb7ca34d2483cfff7d83987123dd36e.PNGyellow alert to wear.sav 

reloading a save file after the dupes wore the clothing...
307117741_yellowalertwornbeforsave.thumb.PNG.5a0d1b40b4fa13722ef92ccb3af13fa9.PNG yellow alert worn.sav

makes yellow alert persist without a reason and notification leads to the corner of the map.

Steps to Reproduce

make dupes wear clothing in yellow alert priority. Save, load save. Yellow alert is enabled and leads to the corner of the map for clothing dupes already wear (load "yellow alert worn" save file)

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User Feedback

Also, when you set yellow priority to an oxygen mask, the priority alert persists even after the mask is put in the oxygen mask dock. Clicking the notification sends you to the lower left corner of starting planetoid, even if the mask is somewhere else.



And what's even weirder - after I've undocked masks and set their priorities down, I still have the "yellow alert" screen frame and sound effect on my first planetoid:


Saving and reloading fixed the issue (I even got the "yellow alert over" sound after reloading).

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