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Why am I seeing colors? (Gas graphics glitch)

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I've encountered gases changing color before in a weird way (carbon dioxide having bluish and reddish shadows instead of pure greyish) but I thought it was my old pc or the 3x speed causing it but there was no performance issues or 3x speed this time. Pausing the game reverts colors to their correct hue

colors4.thumb.PNG.914540a4d2c9c42daef8ad2cd377ede9.PNG Polluted oxygen and carbon dioxide. There is no Natural gas in the picture.

Examples of Carbon dioxide hues:

colors.thumb.PNG.001588f1e2eec82d25a52b8daf771410.PNG colors3.thumb.PNG.6e20198c3df4a5fb4e02adc096b154f0.PNG


Colors revert to normal when you pause:


Steps to Reproduce

Open save file. Look around the map for a while (~1min). Colors start to seem wrong...

Dreamland 175.sav

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