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Update causes constant "new resources"/buildings animation popping/bouncing and sound

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With the update that was just made, it seems a bug was introduced because I am now getting almost constant notifications of new build items being available. You know when a building cannot be built because you don't have resources and then the game finds the resources the square in the build area bounces/pops up and plays a sound? This happens most notably when you load a save and the game locates all the accessible resources and you get a whole flurry of pops for a few seconds.

This now seems to be happening almost constantly. It even happens while the game is paused. I can switch between different planetoids and the animations will animation and the sound occurs. Sometimes simply scrolling can also do it (while paused). And sometimes I can just sit there and watch a single icon pop, stops, pops again a second later, stops and repeats that for a handful of times like it can't make up its mind. And it does it for build categories where I already have resources to build everything so it's notifying me of something I can already do. This is super annoying and it almost makes me not want to play anymore.

I did have mods installed so I suppose it's possibly a conflict with one of those. Although I don't have any mods related to resources and the problem persists even after I disabled all of them.

I've been playing for a few weeks and this problem started immediately after the update was downloaded.

Steps to Reproduce

Load save, unpause the game and wait for all the resources to load. Switch to another planetoid and let the resources load there too. Then pause the game (or don't) and switch back to the first planetoid. Often, you'll get new build item notifications just from switching. Or try panning around the screen.

But switching planetoids or pausing the game is not required. Pretty much any regular gameplay causes this to happen.

User Feedback

i have the same problem, i have the feeling that on slower machines this is way more noticeable because the sound plays not shortly after each other but plays 2 or 3 second of nothing and then again, this can take up to 20/25 second before all materials have been added. 

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