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unable to launch rocket with specific pilot

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I am trying to launch my rocket using my dupe named "Nisbet", who has the "Rocket Piloting" skill. Although the launch checklist shows everything is checked and my pilot has boarded, when I begin the launch sequence, it keeps on saying the following message forever: "Pilot requested at control station..." My pilot does not seem to make any attempt to go to the rocket control station, despite it being reachable.

Restarting the launch sequence does not fix the error. I have the same problem again, whenever I try that. The only way I am able to get the rocket to launch is by assigning another pilot to the crew.

Saving and reloading the game does not fix the error. Also, tearing down the rocket and rocket platform and reconstructing everything did not help.


As pointed out in the comments, the problem was the priority setting of the skill "Rocketry", which was set to "Disallowed".

However, for the reasons stated in my comment, I still consider this to be a bug, because the interface is very misleading.

Steps to Reproduce

Load the attached savegame and observe that the rocket does not launch, despite the launch sequence having been initiated.


User Feedback

Nisbet needs to be able to do rocketry in order to use the command module (there was an update that made rocketry priority work properly)


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Ah, thanks, it works now! The problem was indeed the rocketry priority.

However, I must say that the messages the game was giving were very misleading. Both the "launch checklist" and the launch sequence window were implying that everything was ok. Therefore, in my opinion, it still is a bug (an interface bug, not a gameplay bug).

Especially the "launch checklist" window should not put a checkmark next to "Pilot boarded" if that dupe is forbidden from being a pilot.

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