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Unable to fulfill 'subscribe to our newsletter' rewards criteria

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When going to the Klei website through the 'check shipments' button in the supply closet, I am able to login to Klei Entertainment through Steam. When I try to set up the newsletter subscription e-mail to unlock that reward, I encounter this issue.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Click the 'subscribe to our newsletter' link in the relevant rewards claim box on the website.

2. When forwarded to the settings page, enter a valid e-mail.

3. Be forwarded to a page declaring that the e-mail has been validated.

4. Attempt to claim the reward - does not work.

Following the 'subscribe to our newsletter' link again forwards to the settings page, where the e-mail field is empty.

User Feedback

The email field on the settings page is for changing your email address, it does not display your current email. You'll need to scroll down on the settings page to "MARKETING OPTIONS", opt-in by selecting "I want to receive marketing emails", and click Save Changes.

We're looking into making the rewards link take you directly to this section in the future.


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