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Unable to activate two of the four supply teleporters on my map

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Unable to actiave two of my four supply teleporters. One of my researcher dupes (with field research skill) went and unlocked all four of my supply teleports. When clicking on one of the two supply teleporters that are purportedly yet to be activated, I am unable to activate one of them. As such, I am able to send supplies from one to the other, but not vice versa... Any idea how I can fix this bug? 




p.s. I cannot upload an attachment of the pictures i have, because I somehow have someone else's attachment 17 MB attachment posted to MY profile... This is my first post... Here's a link to the post that is yoinking my attachment space. 




Steps to Reproduce

N/A I activated them and then looked about 10 cycles later after realizing my dupes weren't sending supplies back and forth. No memory of what I was doing at that point in time. (Tried to go back in autosave files but it was already activated on my oldest save)

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I'm not sure of the details but your account might not be able to upload larger file sizes yet. Could you upload your save to an external website and link it here so we can investigate? Thanks!

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