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There are some bugs for rocketary system. (Not for sugar one)

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1. Infinite CO2 producing problem

Since carbon dioxide rocket does not use their fuel for launching and landing,

We can continuously launch and land CO2 rocket from planet to nearest space tile.

Of course it makes huge amount of CO2, which can be converted to Petroleum by slicksters.


2. There is some fuel calculation problem for CO2 rocket

As above, CO2 rocket does not use their fuel for launching and landing.

Therefore we can travel to nearest planetoid(planet with radiational elements) with only 50 kg of CO2.

(Travel distance = 2 tiles except launching and landing)

If that is a intended calculation, We can travel to next nearest planetoid(which is connected by teleporter) by CO2 rocket.

(Travel distance = 6 tiles except launching and landing)

However, my CO2 rocket gonna be stranded at 1 tile before even if it has 25 kg fuel in the engine.

Is there any calculation problem? or any unseeing CO2 consumption?

Stranded before 1 tile.jpg


3. There is some duration by "Cargo loading incomplete" state.

When I choose the destination of rocket with "Toggle a looping round trip for this rocket" function,

and I made green automation signal to platform,

the rocket always have some duration time with "Cargo loading incomplate" state, even if it has smallest structure(Just engine+nosecone).

Is this a intended situation or any bug?


4. Using #1 bug, we can use huge amount of scout rover for first colony without any rocket fuel.

Of course they have a finite electric power, but is this intended function?




5. Same as other tester, I also wonder why sucrose rocket does not work properly.

It has engine power for 0.25 tiles/1 kg fuel.

However, when I fill the oxidizer tank with several amounts of oxidizer,

It travels only for 2 tiles.

What's the problem?

Steps to Reproduce

As described above.

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