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Suits (Masks, Atmo) become unusable occasionally

Chetar Ruby
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This one might be tough to trace down since I have no solid steps to reproduce.  Basically what happens is, when you remove a suit from it's dock (masks, or atmo suits), occasionally it will become unusable.  It cannot be selected, swept or otherwise used.  Saving and reloading the game will 'restore' them to normal usability.

It happens when you remove a suit from it's dock, or just deconstruct the dock with a suit in it.  I have no idea what exactly causes it, just seems to happen randomly.

Before submitting this report, I had 4 oxygen mask docks that I no longer needed, deconstructed them all, two masks were picked up and stowed, while the other two became inaccessible.

Steps to Reproduce

Undock suits and/or deconstruct docks with suits in them.  Happens randomly.

User Feedback

I've had this happen to me as well (Atmo suit not being equipable or sweepable). In my case at least I put it down to an issue with the durability - the suit in question was saying it was at 1% but maybe in reality it was much lower, I don't know... It happened with two suits but one of them was fixed after a reload, the other wouldn't budge.

This was happening inside a rocket, eventually I built a dock outside in the planetoid and also built a suit-maker station and the problem disappeared.

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