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Stifled Volcano shooting off debris

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I have a volcano which is completely covered with the starting granite and obsidian, and it's firing off its highly destructive obsidian, wreaking havoc on my early-game base without access to steel or bunker tiles.

Steps to Reproduce

Generate a new map containing a minor volcano (I was using the flipped asteroid when this happened)

Reveal the volcano, but leave it completely covered.

Wait for eruption

Watch the ensuing chaos.

There doesn't seem to be any way to prevent the volcano from shooting off its debris. (and there's a severe balance issue in how destructive the rocks are)

User Feedback

but you yourself, being in a sober mind and sound memory, installed the Violent Volcanoes mod. What do the developers have to do with it ? If you don't like the mod's behavior, obviously you should contact the mod's author. not here.

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So it seems. I don't remember installing that mod, but sure enough it was active. That definitely explains the chaos.

False alarm then.

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