Spaced Out : Carbon Skimmer not skimming?

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I have set up a carbon skimmer, but it does not run. I have verified that it has the correct input and output pipes and is powered. If you look at the screenshot you can see the layout that I am using. 



Steps to Reproduce

Build a Carbon Skimmer and hook it up!

User Feedback


1. wrong forum ;) the DLC has its own bug tracker (right below this one). I suggest you post there, when its DLC related.

2. your skimmer seems to have fresh water, but we cant see where the output is going. The pipe just vanishes on the upper left of your screenshot. It may be the pipe is somewhat misorganized, and the water does not know where to flow. You can test it, by simply place a vent right above the skimmer, and test if it starts working. If so, your pipe network is not valid.

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