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Small solid oxidizer tank gets stuck in "Invalid" state after returning from flight.

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I'm on the current build of ONI, 526946. I'm running into an issue with small solid oxidizer tanks getting stuck, unable to be refilled after a successful landing.


They're showing just the state "Invalid", despite being accessible by dupes (they're able to get in and out of the capsule above just fine)388977141_Screenshot2022-11-12135303.thumb.png.9a0c44afe0f909b5793051e7131bf232.png

This issue resolves itself if I eject the stored fertilizer and re-select it so that they make fresh deliveries, they just won't refill a tank after landing.



Steps to Reproduce

I'm unsure what specifically is causing it, but it's happening for some, but not all, rockets that land after a trip of a couple of tiles.

Delicate Beyond.zip

User Feedback

I've noticed this myself. Disabling and reenabling the tanks will also restore the dupes to be able to bring materials to them.

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