Ruins Light Fixture Drops No Material

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When you destroy a ruins Light Fixture, which is made out of 50Kg of Steel, no material drops. It just vanishes. I don't know if this because I haven't put up the machine to make Steel, so the game just won't give it to me or an actual bug. I've also seen this happen when destroying Comfy Beds made out of Plastic. Is this intentional? If so, that's unfair to the player. You designed to objects and what material they are made from. If I destroy them I should get whatever it's made from no matter if I haven't unlocked Steel or Plastic.


Steps to Reproduce

- Have Dupe destroy Light Fixture/Comfy Bed.

- When destroyed no material that it's made from is produced.

User Feedback

I belive that is the difference between "Deconstruct" and "Demolish", the second will just destroy and not give anything.

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