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Rockets get overlapping port errors when one rocket takes off and another lands on the same platform at the same time

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When you tell a rocket to land on a platform that is currently in use by another rocket where the ports on the spacefarer module are at the same height, you will get overlapping port warnings if you tell the rocket in orbit to land and then tell the rocket on the ground to take off from the same platform.  The only way to use the gas and liquid ports on the spacefarer modules again is to either reload the game, or have the rocket take off and land again.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Build 2 identical rockets on planet A that both have the same modules in the same places.
  2. Send both rockets to orbit planet B.
  3. Have Rocket 1 land on the planet where there is already a single platform.
  4. Tell Rocket 2 which is in orbit, to land on the planet, and it will give the warning that there is no available platform.
  5. Tell Rocket 1 which is on the platform, to take off.
  6. The instant you tell Rocket 1 to take off you will get 4 overlapping ports warnings from the gas port on the Spacefarer module, the liquid ports on the Liquid oxidizer and liquid fuel ports, and the battery terminal from both rockets.
  7. The 2 rockets will pass each other, but when Rocket 2 lands and Rocket 1 is in orbit, the overlapping port warnings will persist as if they are still in use by the 1st rocket, and none of them will work with the 2nd rocket until you reload the game, or have rocket 2 take off and land again.

I also tested again, and even if you tell the Rocket 1 to leave first, and it is 1/2 way off the planet before you allow Rocket 2 to land, you will still get overlapping ports.

Sometimes the ports will still work on the 2nd Rocket, but not always.

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User Feedback

I often got this error warning and never found that was caused by multiple rockets sharing the rocket platform. My rockets are not identical but having the spacefarer at the same height. It seems that reorder the rocket components can fix that.

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Thank you very much for the detailed report, it is happening to me too.

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