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Rocket won't land when over the asteroid, but will from orbit

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I know there's been other "rocket won't move/land" bug reports, but this seems to be slightly different than the others. I don't get any text saying that I don't have fuel, everything seems to be in order, but no matter what I tell the duplicant, the rocket won't land, even after a cycle waiting in orbit. Reloading doesn't solve the issue.

Right as I was reporting this issue, I decided to experiment more, and instead sent the rocket to ORBIT the main asteroid (Vitalista). After about a cycle in flight (Where it said "time to arrive -95s" and then "-0.X cycles" look at the screenshot), for some reason, the rocket has now __landed__.

Leaving this here in hopes of it helping find the root issue.

Screenshot from 2021-06-06 20-05-09.png

Screenshot from 2021-06-06 20-10-49.png

Data Dimension 2.sav

Steps to Reproduce
  • Go to any rocket platform in the save file (for example the one to the right in the screenshot)
  • Press "Land here"
  • Wait
  • Nothing will happen, bug reproduced.
  • Extra: now send the rocket to orbit, wait a cycle, it may have landed now instead of arriving to its destination.

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