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Rocket Port Loader/Unloader not recognizing rocket - please help!

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I have a gas rocket port unloader and a gas rocket port loader that have stopped working. These were fine until recently and nothing has changed with the configuration of these rocket platforms.

This gas cargo canister has space and is configured for hydrogen, but does not accept additional hydrogen. The gas rocket port loader is saying it is idle as "this port is idle because there is no rocket on the connected rocket platform", but there is. Again, this was working a day or two ago.




Similarly, I have a gas rocket port unloader connected to my rocket. There is hydrogen in the gas cargo canister in the rocket, but the gas rocket port unloader is saying idle for the same reason, "the port is idle because there is no rocket on the connected rocket platform".




Save file:

The Beyond2.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Unknown, sorry. This exact configuration was working a few days ago, but today my rockets are not recognized. This does persist across saves.

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