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Rocket gas vent not working while drilling

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I made a mistake of drilling an asteroid that had CO2 and accidentally releasing it into my rocket's air supply. So I started venting it with my little pump bit by bit. It was working - I would be venting my gas out to space and slowly giving my dupe more space to live. But my rocket had another stop on the way home - another asteroid. When I started drilling however, my gas exhaust port on the rocket stopped working and I couldn't vent anything more. This is kind of strange - I am still in space after all, it shouldn't matter that I'm drilling - my gases should be venting!


Steps to Reproduce

- Pipe gas around a rocket and connect it to the gas output

- It will vent gases normally during flight

- Go mine at an asteroid

- The vent will stop working - you won't be able to get rid of gases!

The Big Bad.sav

User Feedback

After a reload, the vent works fine while stationed and drilling. So maybe it has something to do with flying / stopping the rocket?

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