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Right mouse click drops order of the arrand to 5

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When you close task (Dig, Sweep, Mop, ...) by clicking Right Mouse Button all task orders will drop to 5

If you close any task by clicking on task icon - order will be remembered.


Errand order.png

Steps to Reproduce

1)Choose Dig, Deconstruct or Priority task
2)Assign one of those tasks with order from 1 to 9 (example Errand order.png)
3)Close task with Right Mouse Click

Expected Result:
- When task will be chosen again, its order from last assignment will be remembered.
Actual result:
- Task order drops to default 5.

User Feedback

Having to remember which priority was put where (and !! priority accidentally activating without specifically being chosen) would just be annoying...

But that's a suggestion/feedback and not really a bug. ;)

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