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Resource amounts invisible, show "..."

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I was able to remove all mods. The problem persists. I also realized that the resources whose numbers are removed are those that show up on the asteroid you clicked away to. So if asteroid 2 has sulfur, then when you return to asteroid 1, sulfur will no longer have a number.


When I start the game, all pinned resources show amounts on home asteroid. When I switch to another asteroid (currently no dupes on it), all resources on that asteroid show "..." instead. When i switch back to home asteroid, random resources show "..." now too. Switching back and forth removes the numbers from additional resources, sometimes.

Resource amounts are sometimes visible in the "See All" tab, sometimes not.

On both asteroids, clicking on a resource in the pinned tab takes me to that resource on the map, even if its amount isn't visible.

I tried to replicate without mods, but my game crashes when I remove certain ones.

List of active mods:

  • Mod Updater
  • Priority Zero
  • FreeCamera
  • Blueprints Fixed
  • Pliers Fixed
  • Tiny Door
  • GasOverlay
  • Histeresis Storage
  • Plan Buildings Without Materials
  • Extended Bridges
  • Buildable Natural Tile
  • Rest for the Weary
  • Falling Sand



Steps to Reproduce

1. Start game

2. Click out to another asteroid (possibly it needs to have no dupes).

3. Return to home asteroid.

4. Repeat multiple times for extra


User Feedback

18 minutes ago, Lohent said:


I believe these are different bugs. Mine remains after unpausing, and doesn't keep one from building.

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